Why you should check your credit report

Everyone seems to know what a credit report is, but what many people fail to realise is that they need to monitor and check their credit report. There are many reasons why you should continuously check your credit report, one of which is for the simple reason of knowing your position. Knowing where you currently stand in terms of credit and financial stability allows for peace of mind, especially when dealing with new payday lenders. There’s no better feeling knowing that you’re currently financially stable, and that in the future should you ever experience any kind of financial problems, you will be in a position to take out a tradition or untraditional credit agreement to help solve those problems.

Furthermore, knowing where you stand in terms of credit allows you to know whether or not it will be a simple procedure should you ever want to purchase a house or a car. If you do ever have to take out these kinds of credit agreements, and you know that you have a good credit score, then you can also rest assured that you’re going to receive a sensible interest rate. Those who do not have a good credit score, however, should usually incur much higher rates of interest due to the nature of their financial stability – that is of course, whether those individuals will be able to get a traditional credit agreement at all.

If you know that your credit agreement isn’t quite up to scratch, or could be improved, then you will be in a much better position to improve it, as well. A bad credit score can have a large impact on your life and livelihood, and not knowing about it can only make things worse. It’s worthwhile finding out where you currently stand so that you are able to take steps to improve it and hence improve your livelihood in the future.

Remember also that pretty much any transaction related to credit that you make will be reported to the credit bureaus. Due to the large amount of information that is processed throughout the year through these credit bureaus, there are bound to be mistakes made. By knowing your current credit report, and knowing how efficiently you are actually able to make your repayments, you will more easily be able to identify whether a mistake has been made. You need to be aware of your credit rating so that you can fully take control of your finances!

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Declined from a payday loan? How to find out why

Payday loans are one of the most accessible forms of untraditional credit available on the market, and are increasingly becoming the option for people from any social background. More people than ever in the UK are turning to payday loans to help ease financial worry, pay off debts that they can’t afford, and cover the costs of unexpected payments.

They’re incredibly easy to get hold of, these days. All you need to do is fit a few criteria. This generally includes an age requirement, which is of course 18 years of age – just like all other forms of credit. The other major criteria that you must fit, is that you must have a usable bank account that allows direct debit. Direct debit transfers take place when the money is transferred into your bank account, and when the repayment is made in full. If you don’t want to use direct debit, however, you can arrange for the repayment to be made via a cheque instead.

So what happens if you’re declined from a loan? It isn’t very often that payday loan requests are declined, but if you are declined an application, you might want to know why. One of the biggest reasons is that you don’t have a regular and steady source of income. Not having a steady source of income generally means that you won’t be sure to be able to make the repayment in full, or on time. Payday loan lenders are only looking to lend to people that can be sure to make the full repayment.
Another reason could be that you have entered your details incorrectly on your application form. The application form is what makes the application process so easy for payday loans. There is no reason to fax, no reason to read complicated documents and no reason to go to an office. You simply need to fill in the application form correctly, and providing you meet the few requirements your application will be accepted. One of the biggest mistakes that you could make on your application form is simply leaving blank fields. Without necessary information, your application cannot even be considered. So be careful when you’re filling out these fields, and do be sure that your handwriting is legible if you’re applying through the post. In order to make the application as easy as possible, do everything you can to make it easy to be processed. Good luck with resending your application!

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Payday loans vs bad credit credit cards

Payday loans are ideal for people with bad credit. More people than ever are making use of this kind of untraditional credit agreement, whether or not they have a good history with credit agreements. Bad credit credit cards, however, are another form of cash access for people who are struggling financially. But which is best?

A credit card is often the choice of payment for people making large purchases. Credit cards allow you to easily pay for your purchase, and only pay for it at a later date – often around four weeks afterwards. This is great if you have a steady form of income, and an ability to efficiently make repayments. For those who fdo not have a steady income, however, purchasing things on credit card can prove problematic when the consumer realizes that they actually cannot make the repayment. This can cause problems in the future, and affect your credit score in a negative way.

Having a bad credit history generally means that you can’t get a credit card, too. This is because credit bureaus will have classed you as unable to make efficient and regular repayments, and often simply don’t make your repayments. Most credit card distributors and banks will not take you seriously, and will not give you the credit card you need. Hence, bad credit credit cards become popular amongst people who have struggled wit debt in the best. Whether you’re self employed, or work for a low wage, you’ll find it difficult too, and so bad credit credit cards are there for you.

These cards do have a number of disadvantages, though. First of all, this is another form of long-term debt. If you’re already in debt, it can be considered irresponsible for you to get yourself involved with long-term debt.

Payday loans are incredibly different, however. A payday loan no credit check gives you the access to cash when you really need it, without giving you further long-term debt. Payday loans are repayable within 2 weeks, with most lenders and mean that you do not have to suffer debt in the future. Instead, you can borrow a small amount of money and pay back a small amount of interest on that loan. All your money problems can be sorted within a matter of weeks, and if you ever find yourself strapped for cash in the future, payday loans can become your reliable source of finance for an affordable repayment price.

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Payday loans vs pawnbrokers

Pawnbrokers give you quick access to cash, by allowing you to use one of your valuable belongings as a security deposit. You will be given a certain amount of cash, and the pawnbroker will take your belonging and keep it. You will make agreements about the terms of repayment, and when it should be made. Stick to this agreement, and you will be given back your belonging and no further action will be taken. Being unable to make the repayment will mean that the pawnbroker will keep your belonging and sell it in order to recuperate the costs.

So what are the benefits of pawnbrokers? It gives you quick access to cash when you are experiencing unexpected debts or payments. The disadvantage is that your failure to make the repayment will mean that you will lose something that is valuable to you – whether that’s a family heirloom or a piece of jewellery. No debt is worth losing something that special to you.

You do have an alternative, however. Payday loans are the best way to obtain quick credit, these days. You can apply for payday loans online, fill in your details and not fax any documents, and receive the money that you need the very same day. Whether it’s £100 or £750, you’ll receive the money as soon as your application is approved – and what’s more, you’ll be able to spend it on whatever you want. You will not be obliged to buy a house or a car, like some forms of traditional credit, but instead the funds will be deposited into your bank account for use however you wish.

So what if you can’t make the repayment? Given that payday loans do not involved using ‘security’, you can be sure that you’re not going to lose something that’s special to you. Furthermore, you will not have anything taken off you to recover the costs as long as you borrow responsibly. If you can’t make the repayment, you will be required to pay a missed payment fee. This is generally very small. The cost of the repayment will increase, of course, due to the longer period of time and the nature of a loan. The interest rate will continue adding to the repayment – but remember, due to the fact you can only borrow small amounts, then interest rate can’t cause a huge problem to payday loan borrowers.

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Payday loans vs prepaid credit cards

A prepaid credit card is not the same as a conventional credit card. In fact, a prepaid credit card is more similar to a gift card, or even a debit card, in that you must put the funds on the card before you use it to make your payment. As you make payments on the card, the amount that you already ‘topped up’ on the card will reduce. Deposit £100 on a prepaid credit card, and make a £50 purchase, you can continue to use the card for another £50.

But is this really a way of getting quick cash? Hardly. Prepaid credit cards provide you to have the money before hand to be able to put the money on the card. If you’re struggling to make a payment for a debt, or need money to pay for an unexpected payment, you won’t be able to use a prepaid credit card simply because you won’t have the money to make a deposit.

Equally, in time of financial need, you will not be benefitted by the further and extra costs that are required for prepaid credit cards to be set up. Before you make the deposit on the card, often you will have to pay a fixed fee in order for it to be activated and made ready for use. Furthermore, you may be required to make an annual payment in order to remain able to use the credit card for payments.

Another disadvantage is that often you cannot use prepaid credit cards to make purchases online. If the payment you need to make and simply can’t afford to pay is an online payment, then a prepaid credit card will of course be no use to you. Not just because you can’t make online payments, but also because you won’t have the money to pay for the deposit on the prepaid credit card!

If you’re looking to make online payments, and you need to pay for something that, right now, you simply can’t afford – then look no further than payday loans. Payday loans provide you with the quick access to cash that you need. You will often receive the money you need within 24 hours, and you can use it for whatever you want. Whether you need to pay within a store, or you need to make a payment online, a loan payday can provide you with everything you need, much unlike a prepaid credit card.

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Payday loans vs unsecured personal loans

Unsecured might at first sound like the perfect way to obtain quick cash, when you cannot pay another kind of debt or a home appliance has broken, needs to be replaced and you simply can’t afford it. This kind of credit agreement allows borrowers to secure their own personal property, in case they are unable to make the repayment of the debt. Normally a credit agreement will include an agreement clause that allows the creditor to take certain belongings to try and cover the cost of the debt. Unsecured loans, however, mean that other ways of making the repayment must be explored, so that personal property is not taken.

There are disadvantages to this kind of loan, though. Unsecured loans are inaccessible to people who have poor credit history. If you are a homeowner, and you have a low credit history, then it is extremely unlikely that you will be granted an unsecured personal loan. This can mean that you are stuck with other forms of debt, and you will be unable to pay. It seems that if you are stuck with payments, or are financially less well off, you cannot be helped by a traditional form of credit agreement. This is problematic.

There is a solution, however. Payday loans are quickly becoming the credit agreement of choice for people with bad credit histories, and even people who have good credit histories. It seems that the accessible nature of payday loans, and the easy repayment terms has allowed people who have even suffered through credit trouble in the past are being able to make use of easy payday loan agreements.

You do not have to secure any of your property or belongings with direct payday loan lenders, too. If you fail to meet the agreements for repayment, then you simply have to pay a missed payment fee. Your property will not be taken from you, and you will simply have to pay a little more money (through both fees and increased amounts of interest). Payday loans of course are usually relatively small in size, and are only paid back within a couple of weeks. This means that the debt is not prolonged, and shouldn’t cost a huge amount of money.

Payday loans are also accessible to people with a bad credit history. This means that near enough everybody who is at least 18 years of age, and has a sufficient and steady income will be able to make use of this kind of loan.

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